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Logo Designs

A logo is a meant to be a symbol that represents a business, organization, or individual. Logos often times convey important information about identity with services and what a viewer of the logo is intended to understand from looking at the logo design.

low cost logo design
Low cost logo design

Our logo designer creates a variety of feature based on your style and preferences. You can then choose the abstract logo to represent your company’s personality and theme brand. The end result is a design that is adaptable, powerful, and perfectly clean matches your company’s profile strategy on the digital world.

Start expanding your brand services with our digital marketers and adaptable branding teams. Authentically represent your business with a memorable logo that translates your mission and vision into a business. By combining high edge designs with powerful technology concept, we create branding that will make a beautiful impression on your audience or customers in the universal space.

When you purchase a logo from Hadaddesigns, you receive a personalized design file with your business or brand name, your tagline, the color you choose to represent yourself with, and an icon. We offer logo designs focusing on your exact business name with service, your business initial and tagline, or an icon, with the option to edit your designs to your liking.

Importantly, you want your business and brand to stand out customer views. By using your logo, you establish familiarity, allowing those interacting with your brand the ability to recognize what they are getting and so they know what to expect on from it. You will receive a 300 dpi PNG file and a JPG file that is great for online and print use.

Business card with Letterhead designs

Step up your thread of network connection and create valuable connections with new, branded business cards. We have create from different creative layouts and personalize for each member of your team.

Once you have a logo made with Hadaddesigns, you might want to consider other marketing materials that can help you with your branding! Depending on your logo, Hadaddesigns offers abstract business card designs and letterhead designs that match your brand. Business cards are small cards that provide important information about a person or business services, while letterhead is stationary with your or your business’s information on it.

Hadaddesigns does not provide printing services, so when you purchase business cards and letterhead, you’re receiving design files that are perfectly matched with your business with package of source files. For business cards, we offer JPG, PNG files, and the letterhead is sent as a DOCX file compatible with Microsoft Word. You can print letterpad directly from your home computer and use any printing options.
Business cards are a great way to offer information about yourself and your services to those you meet, while letterhead can be used for agreements, documents, and simple “thank you” notes related to your business or services.

Just another way to complete your branding package!

Our plans includes a logo – but that’s just the beginning of your business!

  • Edit and Customize
  • Your logo is customizable. Change the styles of color, text weight, fonts to get a final design that’s just right.
  • You have full commercial rights and usage rights for any logo designed.
  • Create your own logo in less than 3 days
  • Enter the name of your business or organization
  • Describe your business so we can understand what your business
  • Choose your logo as type – Icon Based, Text Logo, Initial Based etc
  • Tell us your design style with mood board or benchmarks
  • Our logo designer creates a logo
  • Customize your logo (if you want iteration) to get it just right
  • Download your new logo from our market place.

We have top professionals to develop the logo for higher visibility in the space with colors.


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